11 Nov Interview With Medical Aesthetician Jenny Burnley on Non-Surgical Skin Care Treatments


Jenny Burnley, one of our medical aestheticians here at Sieveking Plastic Surgery, has a wide range of experience in the field of cosmetic skin care and aesthetic enhancement. Recently, Jenny was interviewed for Yahoo! Voices about non-surgical treatments that can give one a more youthful and revitalized appearance. To illustrate how the initial skin care consultation process works, Jenny had the interviewer go through the same steps as her patients—using a machine that analyzes the face and produces a Visia™ Facial Assessment Report. This complexion analysis works to identify specific areas that could be improved by non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatments. The Visia™ system is even able to measure a person’s eyelash length and density. Once the assessment is complete, Jenny is able to tell her patients how their face compares to the average person of the same age. By taking into account each patient’s unique skin type and color, she is then able to customize procedures such as skin tightening laser treatments so that there is little to no downtime afterward.

During the interview, Jenny also discusses her relationships with her celebrity clients, and how many of her new clients arrive at Sieveking Plastic Surgery by word-of-mouth referral. Her 16 years of experience in the field of cosmetic skin care has provided her with a reputation she is proud of and the expertise to take years off of your appearance.

Please click here to read the full interview. To learn more about the non-surgical cosmetic treatments offered by Sieveking Plastic Surgery, please contact our office today.

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