13 Sep Great Experience

After an absolutely terrible experience with another well known local surgeon (pain, excessive bleeding, and very poor aesthetic outcome), Dr. Sieveking did a wonderful job of repairing the worst looking breasts that I could have imagined. His office staff is great, he couldn’t have been kinder himself, and the pain during a small touch up in the office was so minimal I was shocked. Being a nurse myself, I’m very aware of good vs bad healthcare, and Dr. Sieveking is truly one of the best surgeons in Nashville. And no, he didn’t pay me to say that:)


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10 Sep Nashville Plastic Surgeon Offers a Look Inside the Facelift Process

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Dr. Nicholas Sieveking explains the details of the facelift procedure, covering the consultation process through the recovery period.

Nashville, TN – Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Sieveking is known as one of the top facelift surgeons in the region, offering safe, reliable and natural-looking results. At his Nashville plastic surgery practice, he addresses cosmetic facial concerns on an individualized basis, choosing the best procedure based on the unique needs of each patient. He believes that following a “cookie cutter” approach will only lead to bad results. Dr. Sieveking says his techniques are always based on achieving the optimal outcome for each individual.

According to Dr. Sieveking, any age can benefit from good skin care practices, such as avoiding the sun, using physician-recommended products and undergoing light skin peels and office-based laser procedures. While these can help slow down the aging process, he explains that cosmetic concerns go beyond the scope of non-surgical treatment. Factors such as age, genetics, smoking, and excessive weight loss all influence when the point of surgical treatment becomes necessary. In regards to his facelift patients, Dr. Sieveking has performed the surgery on patients ranging from age 38 to 85, although he says the average patient is typically around age 55.

When patients need a more thorough treatment for their cosmetic facial concerns, Dr. Sieveking considers their candidacy for the facelift procedure. Generally, if a patient is in good health and has a low risk for surgery complications, Dr. Sieveking considers them a candidate for facial cosmetic surgery. However, he finds it imperative that patients fully understand the commitment of such a procedure. To maintain the surgical results, he says patients should be dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and good skin care. At Sieveking Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sieveking says he has invested in the most advanced cosmetic lasers and skin care products to help prepare his patients for surgery and maintain their unparalleled results for many years after their procedures. He adds that his three licensed Medical Aestheticians are the best in the South, and often work seven days a week to keep up with the demand at his office and ensure timely care and convenience for all of his patients.

With his comprehensive laser and skin care center, as well as his Clinic of Ageless Solutions, Dr. Sieveking is able to choose the most effective therapies for a patient’s needs. Once he determines a patient requires surgical attention to correct cosmetic concerns, Dr. Sieveking will adapt his surgical technique to address such factors as age, gender, skin quality and sun damage. As a result of his thorough consultation process and approach to Anti-Aging therapies, Dr. Sieveking says his patients can expect to see more natural-looking, youthful appearance that stands the test of time. In addition to looking great on the outside, he adds that his patients experience an inner-healing and vibrancy to complete the rejuvenation process.

Following the facelift surgery, Dr. Sieveking’s patients tend to resume their normal schedule within two to three weeks. Preparing patients mentally and physically as well as using gentle, meticulous surgical techniques helps minimize bruising, swelling, and down-time for all of Dr. Sieveking’s patients. The Nashville plastic surgeon explains that results can continue to appear over three to six months, including skin tightening, jaw line contouring and softened appearance of scars. In the end, Dr. Sieveking hopes not only to rejuvenate his patients’ cosmetic appearance, but renew their overall self-confidence.

About Nicholas E. Sieveking

Dr. Nicholas Sieveking completed his General Surgery and Plastic Surgery training at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California and continued his training in Brazil under Ivo Pitanguy and Ewaldo Bolivar de Souza Pinto, two of the world’s plastic surgery leaders. Following his studies, Dr. Sieveking joined Dr. Thomas Orcutt’s Nashville plastic surgery practice. Since Dr. Orcutt’s retirement, Dr. Sieveking has maintained his own successful plastic surgery practice as well as an anti-aging wellness clinic. He is available for interview upon request.

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05 Sep Dr. Nick Sieveking, Plastic Surgeon, Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Nick Sieveking, Plastic Surgeon, Nashville, Tennessee

Home Town Doc Makes Good
Dr. Nick Sieveking Takes Nashville By Storm

Voted Nashville’s number-one plastic surgeon two years in a row, Dr. Nick Sieveking is living proof that you “can go home again,” and when you do, you can make a success of yourself. The Stanford-trained surgeon returned home to Nashville to join an existing practice in 2000, after completing two rigorous Stanford Residencies and a Plastic Surgery Fellowship in Brazil, which is the international leader in body contouring work.

That training would have been enough for many doctors, but not for Dr. Sieveking. “Three years ago, I began a degree program in anti-aging and functional medicine, and I now am board certified in both of those areas,” he explained. “I believe in life-long continuing education – it is my intent to remain at the top of my field for as long as I practice.”

He joined the practice of Dr. Tom Orcutt, who was very well-established in the community. Ten years after joining the practice, he “inherited” it in 2010, when Dr. Orcutt retired. “I was very fortunate to join Dr. Orcutt – he and I share the same view of patient care, providing natural treatments – we both prefer to avoid extreme treatments, as they seldom either look good or satisfy the patients. Following his example, I use a lot of up-to-date technology, coupled with tried-and true surgical procedures and adjuncts to surgery.

“Because I take a comprehensive approach, I can provide my patients with honest answers about what they really need,” he explained. “I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and I try to give each patient what he/she needs. Surgery isn’t always the answer, but whatever is the answer, I am devoted to giving them the best possible care.”

Dr. Sieveking’s unique combination of anti-aging and functional medicine works at treating the inner and outer person together, allowing patients to feel as good as they look. With proper care, individuals can slow their own visible aging process. One of the keys to this success involves using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which Dr. Sieveking combines with a medical weight-loss program, the use of a compounding pharmacy, awareness of food sensitivities and the appropriate use of natural supplements to provide his patients with a holistic approach to beauty and health.

“There is a lot of research showing that bio-identical hormone replacement is not only safe, but that it helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer,” he said. “Across America, the idea of using bio-identical hormone treatments is gaining acceptance, primarily because it works. I find that it’s great for those who aren’t emotionally ready for surgery, but who nonetheless want to look and feel younger and more naturally beautiful.

“To prove this process, if only to myself, I became my own first patient,” Dr. Sieveking explained. “In the process, I lost 40 pounds, and am healthier in all areas of my life. You can’t argue with those results.”

In fact, this process was so successful that Dr. Sieveking created a new business, “Ageless Solutions.” Through this business, Dr. Sieveking helps other physicians and medical practices to integrate bio-identical treatments, integrated with holistic medical care, into their practices.

However, the doctor focuses most of his attention on his patients. “Ninety percent of my patients are women, and most of them fall into the 40-60 age group,” he pointed out. “They tend to be affluent, well-educated and bright. They have the confidence to know what they want, and the willingness to explore options to find out what approaches will most effectively help them meet their needs. They want to turn back the visible age clock, to look as young as they feel.”

Dr. Sieveking practices out of a renovated and stately two story house near Centennial Medical Center and Nashville’s signature Centennial Park near Vanderbilt University. The house was built to a Charleston, South Carolina-like architectural design. It has 7,000 square feet, including both the original house and the additions Dr. Sieveking has made to the structure. Unlike some other doctors, Dr. Sieveking has a solo practice, so he can focus his full attention on each of his patients. However, this practice is supported by an impressive and skilled team twelve, including three nurse practitioners, three registered nurses, one licensed practical nurse, three medical assistants and two aestheticians.

With this gifted team of professionals, Dr. Sieveking focuses on facial rejuvenation, using Sciton Profractional lasers, Ulthera ultrasonic technology, Thermi radio frequency techniques, Vanquish non-invasive fat reduction and – for his older patients, facelifts. However, many of his facial rejuvenation patients also have body contour issues, so he works with them, providing liposuction and breast lifts, breast reductions and breast augmentations – whatever the patient needs to be her naturally beautiful best. He often uses lasers to prep his patients for surgery, finding that the application of these two approaches delivers superior care for those facing surgery. He also uses lasers and other technology to hold off the need for surgery for a decade or two.

His most recent technological addition is a range of Thermi radio frequency treatments. He uses both the ThermiTight – a minimally-invasive way of applying gentle heat to both tighten the skin and melt fat – and ThermiSmooth, a non-invasive approach to treating skin around the eyes, where external heat can provide dramatic results.

However, Dr. Sieveking is more than a surgeon – he is a family man, and spends his free time with his wife and four children, all under the age of eight. He and his wife like to focus on fitness, including weights and work-outs, but with his family, he likes to go hunting and fishing. The family looks forward to cross-country RV vacations, like a recent one to Yellowstone National Park. Outside of the practice, he spends his time with his wife and children.

When not taking care of her four kids, she focuses on volunteer work, serving on several boards. Her passion is rescuing animals.

“I give each of my patients care that blends traditional with cutting-edge technology; that comprehensive approach provides my patients with a sense of security that they will receive a good, honest answer from me about what they really need, followed by caring and effective aesthetic medical care.”

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22 Aug A Very Happy Client!

I can’t say enough good about Dr. Sieveking. He is most caring, and takes all the time needed to listen to all your questions and concerns.His work is impeccable. His bed side manner is second to none. He seems to truly care about you as a person and a patient.I had done an enormous amount of research spanning over a year before I made my decision on a surgeon. I had it narrowed down to 2 and had visited Dr Sieveking 3 times before booking my surgery. He didn’t mind at all, and took all the time needed to answer my every question.If your considering a facelift, upper and lower eye surgery, do yourself a favor and use this doctor! I have a very natural result that took about 15 years off my appearance !!!! Wow it just don’t get any better than that! :o)



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21 Aug Inside Scoop on Breast Augmentation Consultations and Implant Options

Dr. Nicholas Sieveking authors a pair of blogs to provide insight into breast augmentation consultations while helping patients examine the pros and cons of implant options.

Nashville, TN – Dr. Nicholas Sieveking is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Nashville who works to blend the worlds of art and science to provide breast augmentation patients with results that both look and feel natural. At Sieveking Plastic Surgery, his focus is on creating a firm breast that is not overly hard or large while striving to achieve the most natural fit possible for each individual patient.

In a recent blog post titled “What To Expect During a Breast Augmentation Consultation,” Dr. Sieveking says that his number one goal during consultations is to listen to his patients’ expectations. Following this discussion, he carefully reviews the risks and benefits of the procedure and covers other topics such as:

  • Future pregnancy plans
  • Breast-feeding
  • Recovery time
  • Personal or family history of breast disease/cancer
  • Potential needs for future surgeries

During the actual breast exam, Dr. Sieveking measures each patient’s natural breast dimensions, chest cavity, and shoulder breadth to document any asymmetries and gather data that will be used to assist in choosing an implant that is size-appropriate for the individual. “It is important to make sure an implant fits the patient and not make the patient fit a particular implant,” says Dr. Sieveking. “This ensures that the ultimate results are natural-looking.”

With a follow-up blog post titled “Breast Implant Selection,” Dr. Sieveking expands upon the selection process by providing his recommendations for the decision. In stating his preference for silicone implants, Dr. Sieveking expresses his opinion regarding inaccuracies prospective patients may believe about the implant material. Additionally, he cites some key benefits of silicone implants, including the fact that they are “filled in the factory under completely sterile conditions.”

In regard to the specific type of silicone implant patients should consider, Dr. Sieveking highlights that while the shape of a “teardrop” silicone implant might sound like the best choice to achieve a natural-looking result, “they are actually harder and don’t move like a natural breast.” It is his belief that if “the surgeon plans on using a natural-fitting implant and does not try to make the patient’s breasts too big, smooth round silicone implants will give the most natural look and feel with the fewest long-term problems.”

Ultimately for Dr. Sieveking, achieving natural-looking results that are also long lasting is the key to his plastic surgery practice’s success. “My breast augmentation patients choose me because I am known in Nashville for getting natural-looking results by using appropriately-sized implants,” says Dr. Sieveking.

About Nicholas E. Sieveking, MD

Dr. Sieveking completed his general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery training at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and his focuses include liposuction, breast augmentation, facelift, neck lift, and rhinoplasty. Dr. Sieveking is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Sieveking Plastic Surgery, visit sievekingplasticsurgery.com or facebook.com/SievekingPlasticSurgery.


Sieveking Plastic Surgery
204 23rd Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 321-1010

Rosemont Media
(858) 200-0044

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Sieveking Plastic Surgery, Winner of Reader's Poll Spellbound, Best of Nashville, Best Plastic Surgeon in Nashville

18 Aug Dr. Sieveking Voted ‘Best Plastic Surgeon’ in Nashville, Tennessee

Congratulations to Dr. Sieveking for being voted “Best Doctor For A Nip & Tuck” in Nashville, Tennessee for the second consecutive year! Selected by the Nashville Scene’s Readers’ Poll, Dr. Sieveking is honored to have been recognized by his patients in the community and says he will use this as motivation to continue to uphold the highest degrees of patient care, safety, and satisfaction.

At our practice, Dr. Sieveking offers a comprehensive variety of plastic surgery procedures spanning from breast augmentation and tummy tuck, to facelift and liposuction. Additionally, he provides several nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments, including Vanquish fat reduction and laser skin resurfacing, as well as a multitude of anti-aging services at The Clinic of Ageless Solutions.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sieveking, please don’t hesitate to contact our Nashville, Tennessee office today.

Breast Augmentation Nashville

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01 Aug Providing State of the Art ThermiAesthetics for Middle TN

Dr. Sieveking is bringing the latest technology to his patients.

With technological advances on skin rejuvenation, Dr. Sieveking is bringing state of the art aesthetics to his patients on 23rd Avenue North in the Music City with the implementation of ThermiAesthetics.

ThermiAesthetics is a leading developer and manufacturer of thermistor-regulated energy systems for plastic surgery and dermatology applications.  The company is focused on the worldwide distribution of its products.  The products are based on the science of heat, using SmartTip technology to enable cosmetic physicians to use temperature as an endpoint.

Double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of anti-aging medicine Dr. Sieveking and his staff offer complete ThermiAesthetics care.  ThermiAesthetics has three different approaches to address your needs.  They include ThermiTight, ThermiRase, and ThermiSmooth.

During the ThermiTight procedure, internal temperatures are monitored and regulated by the system computer. In addition, Thermal Image Guidance provides the physician with real time external temperatures to ensure precision of the heating effect while maintaining safe skin temperatures.[i]

ThermiRase is a micro-invasive procedure based on a peer reviewed protocol* to disable the nerves which control the muscles responsible for glabella frown lines. This procedure applies radio frequency energy to selected nerves. In a recent study, the effect lasted more than one year in almost 80% of the subjects, thus validating the opportunity for a long term alternative to neurotoxins.

ThermiSmooth is performed using a specially designed thermistor regulated hand piece, which is supplied with the ThermiRFsystem. ThermiSmooth delivers precise heating to the skin’s surface. ThermiSmooth treatments are gentle and patients often say it feels like receiving a warm massage.

In addition to ThermiAesthetics options, Dr. Sieveking offers comprehensive, state of the art surgical and non-surgical therapies to slow and reverse the process of aging.  Come see why Dr. Sieveking was voted “Best Plastic Surgeon in Nashville” in 2012 and 2013 by the Nashville Reader’s Poll.  Sieveking Plastic Surgery is located at 204 23rd Avenue North in a renovated old Nashville.  For more information visit http://sps2.jlbdev.net or call 615-321-1010.

Source: Providing State of the Art ThermiAesthetics for Middle TN

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01 Aug Gave my life back !

He was amazing. He gave me my life back after revising the work another doctor had done. He is very skilled and has a great eye. He had me return to the office probably 6 times over the course of many months to check on my healing. He really cares about you and his work. My surgery gave me my life back! Thanks Dr. Sieveking!  J.M

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10 Jul July Specials


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